Posted on Dec 26, 2017

Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling & Refrigeration Inc

(929) 383-9139 Boiler & Furnace Repair maintenance service.

Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling & Refrigeration Repairs all Heating and Cooling systems. We repair Boilers & Furnaces of all make and model. Same day service is available, call now (929) 383-9139 !!!

Cold winter months can be brutal, if you have no heat call (929) 383-9139. A cold house or business can cost you. If your boiler or furnace have any of these current issues call now.

Have these issues call

(929) 383-9139

No heat
Boiler not working
Boiler pilot not on
Boiler pilot is on boiler is off
Baseboard not hot
Boiler is leaking
Boiler leaking from the side
Radiator not hot
Furnace not working
Pilot not lighting
Hot water tank not lighting
Furnace not sparking
Furnace turns on and off
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